Blue Spoon Set

Hey I'm Lauren; owner, creator and sugar-fiend behind The Free From Cake Company.  I set up my own baking business from my home in Bristol back in 2018.


I have an unashamed sweet tooth and after my health took a turn in 2014, I had to adopt a gluten free diet. I very quickly became aware of how dry and tasteless 'gluten free' supermarket cakes and biscuits were! The more products I tried, the more determined I became to change the terrible reputation of gluten free goodies.


I was a woman on a mission! I wanted to create THE perfect gluten free sponge cake. And I'm proud to say that I did. My sponge cakes are as good (if not better) than their gluten filled counter-parts. And it's not just me who thinks so; the majority of my customers have testified to say they couldn't tell the difference either.


Whilst celebration cakes remain my creative passion, in 2019 I decided to turn my hand to other baked goods. Why stop at cakes? Us gluten free folk need as much variety as possible, don't we?! So after lots of trial and error, I was finally able to branch out into brownies, blondies and other postable products, including cake jars. Location shouldn't hold you back from enjoying The Free From Cake Company's tasty treats! 

So here I am, with an assortment of gluten free goodies that can be delivered right to your door!